Meet Darci & Bill

This is our 1 1/2 year old Boxer named Darci. She keeps us pretty entertained and is pretty cute 🙂 so we thought she deserved her own Intro page. She’s not only accompanying us on our journey but will be starting her own. We are hoping to teach her to be some sort of working dog. What? We don’t know yet…but we’ll keep you updated. Maybe she can round up the chickens at night…hmmmm

We also thought Bill deserved to make an appearance. This old man has won over our hearts and is officially part of the pack. We inherited this Great Pyrenees with the new house, the previous owners couldn’t keep him so we decided it was best he stay at the only place he has ever known as home. He was horribly neglected and had major ear infections, matting and an untreated infected wound on his neck. We have since cleaned him up and have grown terribly fond of him.

Look at what a cutie!


He is 150 pounds of loveable fur. He patrols the property 24/7 and keeps everything in check..including the chickens and goats. They are livestock as you can guess his demeanor around the animals is impressive. He keeps coyotes, bear and even raccoons away from the house…and he has given Darci a playmate. They just love wrestling..running..spinning..jumping..together. This guy already has a job and does it darn well. Replacing him will be a challenge. If only Darci could pick up on some of it….


3 thoughts on “Meet Darci & Bill

  1. Bill is lovely. We had a Great Pyr as well, Jack was originally our sheep guardian but when we sold the sheep we kept the dog. They are truly gentle giants. Our boy lived happily with us until the very old age of 13. Darci is adorable as well 🙂

    1. Thank you! He is lovely. He is the most balanced and intelligent dog I have ever had. 13 years old! That is incredible. We hope to enjoy Bill for many more years to come. Darci is cute…just not sure what her place is around here just yet. 😉 Thanks for checking us out!!

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