About Us

Hey there!

Our names are Chris and Stephanie and we created this blog to document our journey from consumerism suburbia to self-sufficient homesteading.

Both being born & raised in big cities (Chris- Indianapolis and Stephanie- L.A.) you wouldn’t expect homesteading to be something close to our hearts. You’d expect us to thrive in big noisy cities filled with steel buildings, large crowds and food available at the swipe of a card…I mean doesn’t that sound great? Actually the complete opposite. After tiring of only dreaming about a world in which we were living surrounded by nature, producing our own food and not contributing to the mass consumerism we decided to make it happen.

Chris took a job working remotely so we could leave Indiana and head out West, to North-Eastern Washington to be exact. There we will search for the perfect land to put our Permaculture and homesteading ideas into action.  We’ve decided it would be a fun adventure to document and share with others. Follow us as we make our way from the suburbs of Indianapolis to our homestead dream across the country. 

We will document our trials and error from picking out the perfect home, growing and producing our own food, creating a permaculture design and farm animals. We will also talk about our steps to create a natural & non-toxic home including personal care and you will definitely see a lot of primal/paleo posts as well!

Aside from our love of homesteading and self-sufficiency we are Paleo/Primal enthusiasts, introverts, nature lovers and a bit crunchy! We are also dog lovers and will be dragging our 1 1/2 year old boxer along for our adventures!

We hope you enjoy our journey and we hope we can offer some information for those of you starting your own adventure!

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