A Little time out


I have some great stuff I want to share with all of you and I promise the posts are coming.

On Monday our Boxer had a serious accident. She suffered life threatening injuries and is still not completely in the clear.

We are doing our best to make sure she gets the care she needs in order to recover fully.

The next few days are going to be hectic but I will try to have some fun info on vermicomposting for you all within the next week.



3 thoughts on “A Little time out

  1. Darci – Very sorry to hear about your pup’s injuries. I am a dog lover too and will certainly be hoping for a full recovery for her. It may be a little too soon to talk about but I would be interested to hear what happened to her if it was “homestead” related. The reason I say that is that my husband and I moved to 15 acres in North Idaho from the city with our dogs and I am always trying to learn the different ways they may be at risk out here. We haven’t had any injuries from interactions with wildlife, or hunting or trapping accidents but I am sure there are other things I should be aware of. Take care and good luck with your pup.

    1. Hi Sheri,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. We are hopeful that she will recover fully if not pretty darn close. She may have some permanent nerve damage in her right legs but it is too early to tell if it will heal or not. We are crossing our fingers though. Congrats on your move to the back country 😉 We are in Eastern Washington and can’t get over how beautiful it is here all the way into Northern Idaho. Such a nice change from city life. As for Darci’s injuries…I don’t know that you would call them homestead related exactly. She was hit by a car…we think. We aren’t positive but her injuries point to a car related accident. We are on 20 acres with property that backs up to nothing but woods. We have a road that brings us into town and some smaller dirt private roads nearby but neither are frequented very often. I went into the city to do some grocery shopping and Chris was at home. He put her outside to go to the bathroom, as we have done 1,000 times before. A few later he called her in and she came right to him. He noticed she had a deep wound on the top of her head and was bleeding and acting off. At first we suspected some sort of animal attack but the vet said it was consistent with being hit by a car. She has a fractured skull, ruptured blood vessels in her eyes and lungs, excess air in her chest(pneumothorax), some wounds and bruises and some loss of feeling in her right legs and our girl still walked home after being hit. I am always worried about predators and hunters but never thought she would be hit by a car being that we live in a more rural area. All of the neighbors with property close to us have dogs that roam around freely. I guess the lesson is even if you live on a homestead with rural property, interactions with humans and their vehicles can still happen. So maybe just be aware of that? We are going to firm up our fencing and not let her out unattended even if it is just for a potty break. Having a hard time not feeling guilty :/

  2. And of course, I meant to address my reply to you, Stephanie, not directly to Darci. 🙂 She may not be up for a reply yet.

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