Suddenly A Busy Winter


Long time no post. I know.

Just as quickly as things quieted down here for winter…they have picked back up again.

With Spring quickly approaching there are suddenly a million things to do and I am looking back at November when I said “Oh, I have all winter to prepare for Spring. That’s plenty of time!” and kicking myself.

In addition to our computer acting up and keeping me from posting (sorry) I have been doing double time planning everything that needs to get done.


Here’s what has been going on at The Johnson Homestead~

We ordered all of our heirloom seeds for our growing plans this year. In addition to vegetables and herbs I am also going to start a flower garden full of Bees’ favorite flowers. Yay Bees. We have also decided to begin growing our own chicken feed as well as rabbit and duck feed.

We ordered our grow lights to start our seedlings indoors and began thinking about the set up for that.

I’ve begun planning which seedlings will go where but we need to build our raised garden beds. The weather is still not right to do a ton of work outside, everything is currently mushy and muddy.

We ordered 3 nucs to start 3 bee hives in the Spring. We have planned out the supplies are getting ready to order everything we need to start those.

We got our vermicomposter and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of 1,000 hard working red wigglers to start making valuable compost and worm tea.

10 new additions to the chicken flock will arrive at the end of March. The chicks will need to be set up indoors in a brooder. We are still working on getting that together.

3 Pairs of Pekin Ducklings will arrive at the end of May. They will be here just in time to take the chickens place in the brooder. We also have to get our pond in tip top shape for them and build a duck house.

We have started planning out rabbit hutches, but have yet to build them.

We started the process of fixing up the inside of the house. Which is exciting but time consuming. New floors have to be put down in the entire house and both bathrooms need completely renovated.

I have a huge list of other things that need to be started but those are the ones that we have been working on the past couple of weeks. As soon as we start getting things set up I’ll document each process and have pictures for you!

On top of all of that I have ventured into the world on home brewing Kombucha and making soap and candles. Posts on that coming soon. I have to keep crafting or I’ll go crazy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks for bearing with my lack of posting and disappearing. Things are getting busy again and we will have plenty to share with you soon!


5 thoughts on “Suddenly A Busy Winter

    1. We love Kombucha so much. So you do the batch method? Have you considered the continuous brew method? That’s what we went with and love it. We are getting ready to start another system so we will have 4 gallons going at all times ๐Ÿ™‚
      Hoping to make the first batch of soap next week…it’s a new adventure and hopefully goes well. I’ll post pics!

      1. We’ve been doing the batch method. How does the continuous brew method work? Pour off a cup to drink and then add a cup of sweet tea to replace it? I will have to do some research.
        How did your soap turn out?

      2. Yep you are exactly right. You start with a large batch, we started with 2 gallons, and let it brew ours took about 3 weeks or so and then test it to see if it is to your flavor preference and drain off the amount you want to drink or put aside to flavor and do a second ferment. I’ve seen it recommended that you drain off enough to drink for a week or more at a time. Then you add back in the amount of sweet tea to replace what you took out. Check these links out…hopefully they can give you some info ๐Ÿ™‚

        As for the soap…our dog had a nasty accident and almost died. It has been like full time nursing care over here so needless to say the soap is on the back burner :/ Hoping to get started in the next week or 2. I’ll keep ya posted! ๐Ÿ™‚

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