Goodbye 2014 and Hello 2015


While most people have already reviewed their 2014 year..I as usual am late to the party. Chris has been sick in bed since the weekend and both of us have been up most nights, him coughing and I listening to the coughing and keeping the fire going. We did however sit down and reflect on our past year. 2014 was quite a busy year for us…neither one of us remember another year in our lives that we did so much.

Year 2014

-We decided we were going to take the plunge and move to the Pacific Northwest.

-Chris left his 9-5 office job and took a position working remotely.

-We put our suburban home in Indiana on the market, deciding to sell it ourselves rather than use a realtor.

-Chris traveled to Iowa.

-Started this blog 🙂

-Started working with a realtor in the Washington area to find our next home.

-Proceeded to show the house for 2-3 months, sell and donate 1/2 of our material possessions including our 2nd car.

-Chris traveled to Texas twice.

-Sold our house..packed ourselves..our things..and Darci into a U-haul and made our voyage across the country with no home waiting for us.

-Rented a small studio townhome for 2 months while house hunting for the perfect land.

-Fired our realtor.

-Both Chris and I went to Texas.

-Finally found a home, which came with a whole new set of stresses.

-Chris went to Texas again.

-Inherited a giant 2nd dog.

-Celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary.

-Moved in and immediately got a flock of chickens.

– Cleaned up the property and started making plans for our homestead.

-Tested out a small herd of troublesome goats for 2 months.

-Chris went again to Texas.

-Embarked on the journey that was collecting and prepping firewood for winter. A complete project all on it’s own.

-Starting winterizing the house and out buildings.

-Built a chicken tractor and dog house.

– We joined a new congregation and made some great new friends.

-Chris went hunting and got our first deer ever!

-Chris traveled to Kansas City.

– Our clothes washer, water heater and fridge all broke and had to be replaced..within weeks of eachother.

-Kept working on the house. (a project that is still on going.)

-Tried to get in hiking, camping and fishing trips but found little time.

-I battled sickness almost the entire time we have been in our new home, including a fun e. coli infection!

– The work is still continuing.

Get the picture? Things were crazyness for us. In a good way. We did so much and accomplished so many things we weren’t sure we ever would. 2014 was a fulfilling and blessed year for us. We learned so much about our visions for the future and did something most people only dream of doing. We are so grateful to have had the opportunities we did and can’t wait for the next 50 years of crazy busyness. 2015 is really going to be the year of getting our little homestead up and running. We are excited to share the things to come with you!

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