More Winter Prepping


We are still doing winter prepping. I don’t think the winter prepping will be over, even after winter is gone. Our shed needs siding put up and yesterday both of us were in the crawl space putting down vapor barrier and insulation. Chris found a dead mouse. I don’t like it underneath there. Aside from all of that we have been finding time to enjoy the weather. We’ve gotten some more snow. Not much but enough to enjoy it.


The dogs had a ball playing in it!


And we decided to go walk around in it before meeting 🙂


We’ve been taking a run at hunting grouse the past few days. Nothing yet…but I’m sure we will get one. Isn’t it funny how they seem to be everywhere when you aren’t looking for them, but once you are prepared to hunt them…they mysteriously disappear. So strange.

I also cooked our tenderloins from the deer we got. OMG…it’s our favorite meat ever. It was incredible. I found a recipe for Venison Steak Diane, which was pretty simple. It rocked our socks. The meat came out perfectly medium rare and oh so tender. Unfortunately a deer only has 2 tenderloins…and we ate them. We are hoping that the butterfly steaks I cut out of the back straps will be just as tasty.

20141122_200647 20141122_201532

The pictures don’t do it justice. Now I’m hungry.

We are going to get some down time this week. We promised ourselves a movie day on Thursday. Just and Netflix. I can’t wait.

With the moving and buying a house and everything else I haven’t had time to knit in like 7 months. That makes me sad. I love knitting. With Winter approaching I feel like we don’t have nearly as many scarves as we should. Or knitted blankets. So I’ve pulled out my knitting things and have been trying to get at least 10 minutes a day in. I’m knitting Chris a scarf out of fisherman’s wool. Hopefully it’s warm…this winter seems like it will be a cold one.


Look at me knitting in front of my wood burning stove. Such an old country lady at heart. hah.



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