Rainy Days, Oil Lamps & Colds


Hello there. I haven’t forgotten about the blog…things as always have been busy here. We have had a TON of rain lately. For the past 2 weeks it has rained almost everyday! It’s been so wonderful. I am so grateful that while places like California are suffering a severe drought…we have the blessing of getting 2 weeks of rain.

I think we are finally slowing down a little. The firewood is all done..a lot of our winterizing projects are getting done. I can see the end of  our list in sight. Now we prepare to work on the inside of the house and hibernate. Winter is close…we feel it in our bones.

Along with the change of seasons comes the rush of sickness. I had a yucky head cold and some of the little cuties at our congregation did as well. Next thing you know it’s going around. Chris says it was me and the kiddos that infected everyone…I hope not. Now Chris is sick. Poor guy. We’ve been sleeping a lot and I’ve been shoveling elderberry syrup and vitamin C into his body. I think it’s finally helping, just in time for me to possibly be getting the stomach flu that is going around. Oh well.

The power has gone out during a storm once already, so we are getting prepared. Sometimes they go up to 2-3 weeks without power up here. So we have out generator…which will run our fridge and freezer and our well pump. We feel like those are the essentials and won’t need much more to function..Food kept cold-Check…Water-Check. Our stove is propane and we have the wood burning stove so cooking is still a go-Check (as well as heat). The only thing left is lights. We were lucky enough to inherit some awesome old oil lamps! We just love them. So we spent the time prepping those in case of a power outage.

20141031_212510 20141031_212518

Don’t mind the mess…lots of organizing still happening. That’s the husband filling up the lamps…he was kind enough to do the smelly messy job.

I’ll try to fire one up soon and get a picture. They put off a lot of light. Yay.

Want to see our wood stash? We have the wood shed filled…a bunch under the car port and some on the porch by the front door. This will be a good test to see how much we use this winter.


Wood shed.


Car port


Front porch.

So glad that’s done.

We also thinned our Chicken Flock a little. Figured it would be better for winter to get rid of the non-layers. We have a few more to take care of this weekend.

I’ll keep you updated with the last bits of prep before winter. All we want to do is eat soup and drink eggnog right now but there is work to be finished. I found recipes for Paleo eggnog. So exciting.





2 thoughts on “Rainy Days, Oil Lamps & Colds

  1. Beautifully cut wood!! 🙂 i like how you referred to it as “thinning the flock” vs. “slaughtering some chickens” haha

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