I am the worst blogger!


I suck…yes I know…I do.

I neglect the blog..not purposely..just because well things are busy.

Oh before I forget…HAPPY 1ST DAY OF FALL! 

My favorite season. Everything starts turning beautiful shades of orange and red..the weather cools down..and I have an excuse to eat/drink everything pumpkin. Bring on the Paleo Pumpkin Pie.

The past 2 days I have been outside working from 8 am until 11pm. May not seem like much but I thought I’d share a rundown of my days on the new homestead. Want to hear about it? Chris works all day but is done just in time to help with the projects and outside work so that’s great. And when I say help I really mean he does all the heavy lifting. 😉


Wake up between 7am and 8:30am ( mind you this is eastern time so it’s pretty early here on the west coast)

Open up the chicken coop

Make breakfast and coffee/check email/other health related routine things (for another post)

Feed Bill

Patrol Darci

Feed Darci (wouldn’t be such a big deal but we feed raw, and the 2 dogs have to be separated or Bill gets violent so I have to be present for the whole thing)

Round up the chickens into the tractor

Clean the chicken coop

Clean out the chicken waterers and throw the flock any scraps from the night before

We are renting goats to help with the weed disaster so I clean their waterer and give fresh water

Any housework that needs to be done which is usually laundry which we dry outside on a clothesline

Put my herbs outside to get sun

Collect yarrow, grasses and clover for the chickens and us

Make lunch

Yardwork (which lately is weed whacking and ripping out knapp weed) or whatever project we are working on like chicken tractors etc.

We are also chopping and storing firewood right now..so far we have 3 cords…it all needs to be chopped, debarked and stored..that usually takes up the evening.

This is the first 1 1/2 cords we have. We already spilt and hauled another 1/2..uphill..in the heat..:


Then we got another cord. This is what we are working with right now. It rained today which is awesome but not so good for working on firewood:


We still need 4 more cords. Yes 4. Whaaaahh

Then after those duties are done outside I make dinner.

Then the plants come in, the chickens are put to roost in the coop and Bill gets ear wash/medication and a brush.

Then I do other health related things before bed.

Then The Walking Dead. We are re-watching the last season so we can be fresh for the upcoming season WHICH IS 3 WEEKS AWAY! woot.

The days vary depending on what is next on the list to get done but it is always busy. Don’t get me wrong..we love every minute of it. But it is hard work. Who needs to work out when you live on a homestead? Sheeze I’m gonna be buff soon..not really..but we are both getting toned again.

We may go fishing this weekend…most likely not but we can dream right?

This post is way too long…I’m done.

I promise not to be gone so long. Promise.





2 thoughts on “I am the worst blogger!

  1. So THAT is why its been harder to get ahold of you! 🙂 you are working hard!! Where are you storing all your wood?! Does it have to be indoors??

    1. Yea things are really crazy here. There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. We have a well ventilated wood shed..ill try to take a pic. It has to be kept dry, well it can get wet but it needs to be dry before you burn it..you can’t burn wet wood or creosote builds up in the chimney of the stove. Plus as you imagine wet wood doesn’t burn well. The trick is getting it covered from the elements while still allowing air flow to keep it dry. ;P Debarking really helps with the drying.

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