The Flock



I can’t believe I forgot to post about our chickens!

Yes we got a flock..10 to b exact..9 hens and a rooster. As of right now they free range in a paddock and then hang out in the coop at night. But..Chris is building them an awesome chicken tractor.

We decided on Rhode Island Reds. After reading they seem to be a good dual purpose breed ( meaning they are good layers and decent meat birds) and are pretty winter hardy and independent. We thought that would be a good choice for our first go. So far so good. We are still learning and make modifications everyday.  Such as making the nest boxes more private…did you know hens like privacy when laying? So I made them some silly little curtains, not my best work but they work for being a cut up sheet and some staples haha.


The Flock


Roosting away for the night


Our 2 younger hens, they aren’t laying yet but have quite the funny personalities.


Crappy curtains for the nesting boxes…haha so bad!


My love Working on the chicken tractor…


He’s so good at everything! ❤ ❤ Crush ❤ heh

So that’s what we’ve been up to…plus a million other things. Today we are going to finish the tractor and start on swales. I’ll post about that process tomorrow.

We have also been working with Darci to patrol the property’s perimeter everyday.  Each morning I put her pack filled with stuff on and walk the perimeter of the whole 17 acres..she sniffs..looks and patrols. She’s gotten really good and knows it’s working time. So far she has found turkeys on 3 mornings and a fresh set of deer tracks. So proud. After the patrol she comes with me to take care of the chickens and open the front gate. Look at her little working backpack:


When she has her pack on she knows it’s time to work..not play.

So we are slowly giving her a job of her very own.

Time to go patrol!




2 thoughts on “The Flock

  1. I love that you have a crush on your husband…and..Darci looks so cute with her lil backpack on 🙂 looks like things are moving along nicely..

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