Buying a house, moving across country and trying to maintain a routine is hard. Like way hard. I’m not going to lie..I forgot I hadn’t posted for a while. :/ my bad. Anywho I have a lot to share..and I will..but for now I just want to share some down time we got this weekend. If you can’t tell we LOVE being outdoors, so much that we get cabin fever if we don’t get to go for at least a walk in nature everyday. Well living in a studio apartment w/ a loft for the past month and a half does not help the situation..it only exacerbates it by 100. Chris, Stephanie & Darci..all crammed in a small space ALL day EVERYday. Don’t get me wrong..we all love eachother but we’ve gotta get out & breathe. 

Lately we’ve been going to Bear Lake..which is this great spring fed lake that Darci adores swimming in. Unfortunately the experience is ruined. We all know that humans are nasty nasty creatures right? No? Am I alone in thinking this? We destroy our oceans, pollute every smidge of nature, cause forest fires and destroy our bodies just to name a few. Well the disgusting people that visit Bear Lake are no different. People chain smoking and dropping the buds on the floor, trash including beer bottles left everywhere, left behind dog doodoo, and people making out & spitting in the water! What the eff…people are gross. Our last visit was enough to make us leave 5 minutes after getting there. Who wants to go out in nature and smell the fresh..cigarette smoke?! Ugh…so we decided to make a trip up to Bead Lake which is an extra hour or so drive but oh so worth it.

Bead Lake is in The Colville National forest…and it is gorgeous! FOREST PEOPLE! Sorry for yelling 😉 It has beautiful hiking area and some people…but very few…oh and best of all no trash everywhere and the smell of fir and pine trees not cigarettes. Yay. We’ve seen a handful of deer and we even saw a bear. Yep he ran right across the road in front of our car. That was priceless. So we hiked..and Darci ran a lot..and we swam in the cleanest water i’ve ever seen…and we caught crawdads just to practice..want to see pictures? 

20140809_121456  20140809_130203 

look at the color of the water!



Our Swim Spot..it was so clear you could see the bottom perfectly!



Darci Loves Swimming..she ran down and hopped in right away!



Crawdads..we caught with our hands & released these..too small to eat!


20140816_111219 (1)


SO happy outdoors



My Family ❤

Isn’t it gorgeous out there? 

I’ve got some recipes to share with you coming up…i’ll try not to be gone so long. We move in next Friday! Less than 2 weeks away. Woot.






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