Steps to keep my teeth healthy

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I’m finally getting over my sickness..sort of. I hate being sick.

I also went to the dentist yesterday…which always makes me nervous. I don’t know why..I take care of my teeth and it’s never that bad, I just hate the dentist.

So after tons of X-rays and prodding and drooling they told me my teeth are in good shape…a little wear and some staining ( bad coffee and red wine) but only 1 cavity..which incidentally is from a cracked filling that wasn’t done right way back in the day. Thank you crappy dentists! All in all it wasn’t too bad. Apparently I was due for a deep cleaning though which involves Novocaine and some major digging and scraping. They only did 1 side of my mouth, which sucks because I have to go back again today, and once the Novocaine wore off my mouth was pretty sore…boo.

Also I got to listen to the dentist tell me I need to use Fluoride toothpaste and a Fluoride rinse, otherwise my teeth cannot be healthy. Fluoride, Fluoride, Fluoride. I’m sorry but no..Fluoride is poison. I’ve been using Natural Fluoride-Free Toothpaste for around 9 months or so and my teeth are in pretty good shape. I think it’s safe to say nobodys teeth are rotting away rapidly from lack of fluoride. At least not mine.

Anyways back to my point…I’ve been talking to my cousin the past few days about natural toothpaste and with all the dentist stuff I feel like teeth are an appropriate topic for today. I have a fear of one day my teeth rotting out of my head and being left with nothing but gums resembling a cross between a grandma and gumby. :/ Why this fear? I don’t know…but that’s why they call fears irrational. So I’ve been doing reading and reading about healing teeth naturally. Wellness Mama talks about healing tooth decay and remineralizing teeth a lot as well as Mark Sisson who had a great post from Denise Minger, Author of Death by Food Pyramid ( another topic for another post) about her trouble as a Raw Vegan and her quest to heal her damaged teeth and gums. I know what you’re thinking..healing your teeth?! Dentists tell us that can’t be done. Well I think it can. I also believe that if there are things that can naturally heal teeth…why not begin to do this as a preventative measure?

A few things that all of these articles have in common are:

-Eating a real foods diet

– Limiting your sugar intake (which will be done naturally following a real foods diet)

– Vitamins A, D and K2 which are key in tooth healing and health

– LIVER consumption! Do it!

– Limiting your acidic foods, which yes..includes most fruits!

-Fermented Cod Liver Oil (which bonus..has tons of other health benefits)

So along with tightening the ropes on my diet in the form of a Low-Carb Paleo/Ketogenic approach, i’m going to add Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin K2 to my supplements ( I already take Vitamin D everyday and get plenty of sunshine!) and amp up the liver intake for the Vitamin A. I’m hoping to prevent any issues and try to at least somewhat heal my 1 cavity.

Chris goes in for his dental exam & cleaning on Monday…he thinks my heal your cavity approach is “interesting”. I’m curious to see how/if his tune changes after his visit 🙂 Not that he isn’t supportive he like most people have never thought of that being a possibility. Plus i’m always throwing new crunchy crazy healthy ideas his way!

I’ll keep everyone posted!




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