House hunting, GOOD dinners and Outdoor play


House hunting has been really exhausting…probably because we are still living in EST even though we are now in a different time zone..or maybe because we have yet to find that dream home..or maybe it’s because we had a bad realtor that we finally had to dump. I’m not sure but we are tired. So this weekend we decided we needed some fun time. We went swimming at Bear Lake with Darci and had a blast.



Then we decided to go for an hour hike…yea it was 100 degrees out but what the heck..without the humidity it wasn’t SO bad and we pulled through like champs! Even Darci 🙂


Then we decided it was way too hot…so we went swimming in the river to cool down haha. Darci went right in!

20140713_150919 20140713_152705

So that was our fun off weekend! Now we are back to house hunting..we found one we loved loved loved last night. We are also really optimistic about the one we will see this evening…I think it will come down to those 2. Keep your fingers crossed for us 😉

OH! I made a new recipe again..and guess what?! it didn’t suck! It was quite delicious…and easy. The meatballs were the new recipe..i just threw together some cinnamon spiced yams and sauteed collard greens to go with them. We chowed down on that after all of our outdoor fun. Yumm.


I also found these new delicious snacks..both paleo friendly and a good burst of energy. I try not to buy stuff like this too often and prefer to snack on fresh fruit and veggies but once in a while it’s a nice treat.Try them..they rock!



I hope you enjoyed my terrible food photography and ramblings!



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