We have arrived!!


We did it…we made it to Washington!


The journey here was nothing short of eventful. It seems like one thing after another just kept happening. First…the day before we closed we were supposed to get our Uhaul in the morning so we could pack it up to be ready to leave at 9 am the following morning. Well that didn’t happen. We didn’t get it until after 2pm. We stayed up until almost 2am packing that night until we finally opted to get a few hours of shut eye and wake up early to continue. So we got up at about 5:30 in the morning and went straight to work..no breakfast..no coffee 😦 just work. We were both sore(mainly me) and cranky. Not fun to move when your like that and Darci tried to help of course!

20140702_154543                   20140702_180001                                              20140703_120909

Chris ended up going to the closing and I stayed behind to keep working on packing since we were so so behind. Finally we finished and got on the road around 1 or so and we said goodbye to Indiana.


The first day was not very beautiful scenary..and it was long! We made it to Albert Lea, Minnesota and didn’t get in our room until 1 am. We saw a pretty sunset though. Darci got her own Queen size bed in the hotel..haha what a goober!


The next morning we woke up feeling a lot better than the previous day and got on the road at about 10am. All was good until I said we are making good time we should be getting to the next hotel at a decent time and have some down time. Well..then we heard a noise, something that didn’t sound good. A car pulled up and flagged us down to stop. A tire had popped and shredded on the tow trailer carrying our car! Ahhhh… I believe we were still in Minnesota and had nothing to look at but tall grass and the smell of manure lingered in the air. It was freaking middle of nowhere Minnesota.We ended up waiting for 3 hours just for road side assistance to get there and ended up losing 4 hours after the whole ordeal. To top it off we had to stand to avoid chiggers and keep Darci on a towel. We also didn’t realize how hot it was because of the lovely breeze and we fried! Great..4 hours lost and now we are burnt to lobster red.


After that the drive got a bit better in South Dakota. At first all of the lush buffalo grassy hills with no trees were kind of pretty..then it got kind of creepy. haha. BUT..we saw our first mountains in the distance! yay. I always took seeing mountains in the distance for granted when I lived in Cali. Well when you move somewhere where there are no mountains and just sky..you realize just how great they are to see. Needless to say I got so excited I almost peed. JK JK. Lesson learned: those of you that have mountain views..ENJOY THEM! Take them in..they are beautiful! The 3rd picture you can see mountains! woot! We arrived in Sundance, Wyoming that evening..late..I don’t know what time..too many time changes. All I know was we didn’t get to sleep until 1:30 am Eastern time( Our time) Sundance was nice and small. The people were friendly and Chris even met a wonderful lady at the gas station that went home to bring us back vinegar for our sunburns. So sweet!


Day 3: We get on the road early..ready to start our day. We make it out of Wyoming and into Montana. We are so excited to see Montana! All is well then the check engine light comes on in the Uhaul..and we smell a burning smell! What the eff?! We call Roadside assistance again and manage to make it to a gas station in Billings, Montana where it’s freaking 94 degrees out. Luckily Billings is a major city so we only waited about and hour and a half. A nice gentlemen said the Uhaul may have overheated a bit but the sensor was broken so we should be fine. Woohoo. We continue on. It was pretty in Montana…and we made it to Butte, Montana for the night. Except the check engine light came on again just as we arrived. ughh..we called to have someone come look at it that evening and proceeded to get eaten alive by mosquitoes while waiting. I must have 30 bug bites on me right now. 😦 So now we are sunburned and covered in bug bites. great.  The Uhaul guy confirmed that the sensor was just broken and reset it. Butte was quite nice..it was cute and cozy. Darci got another Queen bed to herself again in the hotel and we all crashed pretty hard that night.


Day 4 we were pretty psyched to only have a 5 1/2 hour drive and were super excited to see the rest of Montana and Idaho. We were in no way disappointed! Missoula Montana was amazing and Idaho was breathtaking. We fell in love with Idaho and may end up settling down there. Couer d’Alene was like heaven and the lake took our breath away. I took so many pictures and will only share a few, but they do not do it justice in anyway!


Now Idaho


I had to get some Uhaul pics of us 🙂


Chris did ALL of the driving. I have such an amazing hubby. And Darci slept on my lap pretty much the whole time! We made it to Washington and our townhome was inaccessible..couldn’t find the manager or anything so that was our final bump in the road. Luckily it got fixed and now we just have to start house hunting. Oh and unload our Uhaul into storage..which will be done later today. Phew..glad that’s over. Now onto the next journey..finding the perfect land…

Welcome to Washington!



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