Mulberry Jam


As I sat here stuffing my face with Paleo Carrot Cake Pancakes I realized I didn’t post what I wanted to yesterday. The day got away from me. We didn’t even eat dinner until 8:00 which for us is really late. Anywho..I made mulberry jam again yesterday using the delicious mulberries off of our tree. If we are going to miss one thing about the house…I think it will be our beloved mulberry tree. I took pictures during the process of making and canning it.

First a picture of those Carrot Cake Pancakes…they are hands down the best pancakes I’ve ever had, Paleo or not. Yep so good. Plus they have raw shredded carrots in them..which makes me feel good about eating them in the morning! I topped them off with some home-made maple syrup that we made from tapping our maple tree earlier this year.Image

Okay Mulberry Jam time!

First I collected my mulberries, which I froze to keep them. They are a lot easier to de-stem when frozen, If they are fresh and ripe they will melt in your hands trying to take those stems off. I also washed my jars and lids then placed them in water on the stove to boil. You have to sterilize them and then keep them hot while waiting for the jam to be ready. I used half pint sized jars and of course new lids and bands. Once you use a lid and band you cannot reuse them to can. I used this pectin because you can use honey as a sweetener rather than sugar..which is great..since that is not the case with all pectin! You would also make your calcium water at this point. The box comes with calcium powder and tells you how much to mix up.


After De-stemming the berries I measured them out..4 cups for this batch, added them to a pan and lightly heated them to soften, then mashed them up. I also brought my Jars and lids to a boil. After the jars came to a boil I turned down the heat a bit but kept the water hot.


Then I added 1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice to the berries as well as 2 tsp. of the calcium water mixture and mixed well.


Then you measure out your sweetener of choice, in this case I used honey so I measured out 1 cup of it. Then you add 2 tsp. of pectin to the sweetener and mix thoroughly. While you are doing this bring your berry mixture to a boil.


When your berries are boiling mix in your sweetener/pectin mixture and mix vigorously, then bring the mixture to a boil again and remove from heat.


Remove your jars and lids from the hot water one by one and fill them, leaving 1/4 inch of space at the top of the jar. I got special jar tongs to remove them from the water. Close the lids tightly. After filling your jars, put them in a pot of water, bring to a boil and boil for 10 minutes.


Remove from the boiling water after 10 minutes and set them on the counter. The lids should be you know they are sealed. You will also hear them pop after a few minutes. This means the lids sealed properly and you are good to go. If they do not seal properly you must start over! These jars will keep for up to a year unopened and then for 3 weeks in the fridge once opened.


There you have it! 🙂

We have 2 more days, and we pick up the uhaul tomorrow! So close….:)


One thought on “Mulberry Jam

  1. wow!!!! yaaaay! it’s finally happening =) btw, i’ve decided i’ll be making my own foaming handsoap from now on using a recipe from that wellness mama site. =)

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