Happy Sunday!

What a long weekend. We are excited for it to be over.

Saturday morning consisted of waking up and going to the farmer’s market. We got 2 dozen pasture raised eggs. I debated on 3 dozen but figured even we couldn’t eat all of them before thursday.

Then Paleo Pancakes inspired by the wonderful Juli over at PaleoOmg. With our favorite decaf of course!


We are also working on dehydrating fruit for our road trip on Thursday so we cut up some delicious Bosc Pears and put them in the dehydrator..


Then we were going to our friends Sean and Kristine’s house to play a board game that Sean created. So we promised to make snacks so I made those really quick before we had to be there at 10. I made prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe..also inspired by PaleOmg, and green grapes with grass-fed full fat mozzarella and green grapes with grass-fed Irish Skellig( sweet white cheddar)


That evening we sold our grill and worked on packing up the kitchen. I made Meatza..(Cheese on Chris’s half)and a spinach salad. So we watched Mad Men while eating that then went to sleep.


Sunday we woke up at 6:30 and enjoyed some coffee while sitting on the back porch.

We had to be in Ohio by 11:30 to visit Chris’s grandparents so we ate breakfast real quick, got Darci out for a run and then headed out. If you’ve ever driven to Ohio you’ll know it’s not very scenic…but we took the “most” scenic route. At least it was nice and overcast all day!

20140629_113612 20140629_113621

Chris’s aunt and uncle Jim and Janet joined us and brought Maid Rites for lunch. Definitely not Paleo but most definitely delicious. It’s a pulled meat type of sandwich/burger thing. There is only one of them and it’s been family owned since the 50’s. Really good.

Uncle Jim gave us some gifts…a heirloom hunting shot gun with ammo. And one of my favorite Vodkas…it’s made with bison grass and it’s super good. Last week they were in Nashville, TN and picked some up while they were out there. That’s the only place they’ve found it.  Yea we know alcohol isn’t Paleo but we like to indulge sometimes!


And to finish off the evening the wonderful Cave-husband is out right now picking up some delicious oysters and who knows what else for dinner. It’s our 10 month anniversary so he is surprising me. Probably with some sort of chocolate. Yay!

We hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


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