What is Permaculture…What is Homesteading?


We felt it was time to give a little insight into our new journey. When we talk about it people automatically assume…”oh you’re starting a farm”. Well yes, and no. We want a way to be self sufficient and to do that in as natural of a way as possible.

I’ll start with homesteading. What is it?

Broadly defined it’s a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. The definition has changed a lot over the years but today it’s commonly referred to as modern homesteading. Homesteading is valued by those that strive for sustainability and self-sufficiency. This usually involves producing one’s own food whether it be entirely vegetable based or a combination of animal based as well, and producing one’s own  power and most of the family’s needs. It’s a life dedicated to living more simply and less consumer based. For us it will be growing our own organic produce, raising our own livestock and hand-making and creating as much of our supplies as we can.

So in a sense yes it’s like farming…but not like today’s twisted agricultural business. We will be free of grains, corn, pesticides, tilling and unnatural fertilizers etc. We will make and consume(mostly Chris) our own raw unpasteurized dairy ( to the horror of our government!) and we will have free range and pastured livestock that are not overloaded with antibiotics and staple feeds. It will be a way for us to not only supply our own needs but control what we are putting into our bodies as well.


Permaculture is along those lines. It is a sustainable integrated design that’s modeled on nature-Bill Mollison. Basically if you design your garden like a natural system it should be pretty self regulating and you shouldn’t have to spend much time tending to it. Think about it nobody  digs, plants, sows and weeds in a forest yet somehow everything naturally gets taken care of. Nature has already developed a solution to every problem one could encounter in a garden and nature is the ultimate recycler, nothing goes to waste. It can also be referred to as edible landscaping. You design your whole garden (or yard) to have elements that work together naturally and sustainably.

So combining these two for us was the idea of a perfect dream. We can live sustainably by designing something that will work with nature.

We will continue to post about permaculture and homesteading and the ideas we intend to put into action. We will also give explanation for how these ideas will function and their purpose.

There is so much to say about permaculture and homesteading I could write forever, but I’ll keep this short for now!


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