Bad Dinners, Tree Removal and New books…

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Have you ever tried a new recipe that was bad? I mean like REALLY BAD…so bad you spit out said recipe? Well…that’s what happened to us tonight. I decided to try a recipe from a Paleo website ( which shall remain nameless..we aren’t here to drag anyone’s name through the mud) and it sounded like it would be pretty decent. We were actually pretty excited. Boy…did it go horribly wrong. :/ I’m incredibly disappointed..not necessarily because the recipe sucked, they can’t all  be winners right? More so because I wasted not one, not two but SIX (yes 6!!) Tablespoons of grass-fed butter on that dish!!! OMG…was Chris’s reaction. I hate to waste perfectly good grass-fed butter on disgusting food. I’m done ranting now. Thanks for bearing with me through that.

On another note…why is it $350 to haul away fallen tree branches? They aren’t exceptionally large…and it’s not a whole trees worth. So why oh why do these tree companies want us to pay so much to take away our branches?! I talked to 2 different tree companies that were in the neighborhood today(Apparently the storm/tornado warning we had the other day gave a lot of people’s trees a hard time.) IF we had a truck we would do it ourselves but our wonderful Subaru Outback can’t hang. Okay now i’m really really done ranting. Phew.

On a happy note..I got 2 new books today!!! Yay. The past few days i’ve been really knee deep in permaculture and homesteading research. I’ve been really casual about my studying until I realized we will have to be picking out our new piece of land soon, and i’m not as prepared as I should be. There is so much that goes into all of it, and the first step is picking out the right land and getting together a Permaculture design.


Book 1! The reviews all said this was beginner friendly and easy to follow.


Book 2. This is designed for people who only have a few hours a week to dedicate to homesteading. That won’t be the case for me, it will be my full time job but I thought it would be a great place to start and get the jist of things quick.

I’ll write some reviews of these when i finish them. We are really optimistic after just flipping through them.

I have started organizing our notes into gardening, livestock, resources, projects etc. I also will start making tables to track our planting and harvesting schedules. I’m realizing being organized is going to be the key to keep all of the ideas on track.

One week to the day! This time next week we will be somewhere in South Dakota…Ahhh how exciting.

I don’t know that there are many if any readers of ours out there but if there are thanks for reading 🙂



2 thoughts on “Bad Dinners, Tree Removal and New books…

  1. i’m reading! =D what exactly is “permaculture” and “homesteading”? is it completely relying on your own land to provide for yourselves and not society? i know i could look it up, but i’ll prefer your version. =)

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