Home Made Whipped Body Butter by Wellness Mama

Natural Home & Personal Care

For those of you that know us…we  are crunchy. If you aren’t familiar with the term crunchy..it basically means being concerned with the Earth and What is good for it and you. Homemade personal care  products, organic natural eating, cloth rags instead of paper etc..

We are still in the beginning stages but we are slowly getting there. The first thing on the list was to do away with toxic personal care products. Things that we use everyday like lotions, shampoos, bodywash and deodorant harbor loads of toxins that are harmful to your health. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and when you put these toxins directly on it, your skin readily absorbs them. A lot of these products contain carcinogens, hormone disruptors and just all around nasty stuff. So we decided to slowly get rid of these things from our daily routine.

Starting with lotion! Katie over at Wellness Mama  provides some amazing recipes for homemade natural products. Her Whipped Body Butter is a favorite in our home. A jar lasts about 3 months, a little goes A LONG way! So as the current supply was almost gone I got to work on another batch, taking pictures along the way!

First I gathered all of my ingredients and measured them out.


Then put them in a sterilized re-used coconut oil jar and melted them down


Wellness Mama’s recipe doesn’t call for Vitamin E Oil but I like to add it for the added benefits


Then I add in the essential oils…I use lavender which also has great benefits!


Then I put all of the ingredients in a bowl to set in the freezer to firm up a bit


Then I use a Hand Mixer to whip! It looks good enough to eat right?


Once i’m done I store it in the same coconut oil jar I melted it down in.

This is seriously the best stuff! All of the ingredients have amazing skin benefits and you can add any essential oils you like to suit your preferences. Plus no toxic chemicals in this product and you make it yourself which for us really adds to our homesteading ways 🙂


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