Happy Sunday!

What a long weekend. We are excited for it to be over.

Saturday morning consisted of waking up and going to the farmer’s market. We got 2 dozen pasture raised eggs. I debated on 3 dozen but figured even we couldn’t eat all of them before thursday.

Then Paleo Pancakes inspired by the wonderful Juli over at PaleoOmg. With our favorite decaf of course!


We are also working on dehydrating fruit for our road trip on Thursday so we cut up some delicious Bosc Pears and put them in the dehydrator..


Then we were going to our friends Sean and Kristine’s house to play a board game that Sean created. So we promised to make snacks so I made those really quick before we had to be there at 10. I made prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe..also inspired by PaleOmg, and green grapes with grass-fed full fat mozzarella and green grapes with grass-fed Irish Skellig( sweet white cheddar)


That evening we sold our grill and worked on packing up the kitchen. I made Meatza..(Cheese on Chris’s half)and a spinach salad. So we watched Mad Men while eating that then went to sleep.


Sunday we woke up at 6:30 and enjoyed some coffee while sitting on the back porch.

We had to be in Ohio by 11:30 to visit Chris’s grandparents so we ate breakfast real quick, got Darci out for a run and then headed out. If you’ve ever driven to Ohio you’ll know it’s not very scenic…but we took the “most” scenic route. At least it was nice and overcast all day!

20140629_113612 20140629_113621

Chris’s aunt and uncle Jim and Janet joined us and brought Maid Rites for lunch. Definitely not Paleo but most definitely delicious. It’s a pulled meat type of sandwich/burger thing. There is only one of them and it’s been family owned since the 50’s. Really good.

Uncle Jim gave us some gifts…a heirloom hunting shot gun with ammo. And one of my favorite Vodkas…it’s made with bison grass and it’s super good. Last week they were in Nashville, TN and picked some up while they were out there. That’s the only place they’ve found it.  Yea we know alcohol isn’t Paleo but we like to indulge sometimes!


And to finish off the evening the wonderful Cave-husband is out right now picking up some delicious oysters and who knows what else for dinner. It’s our 10 month anniversary so he is surprising me. Probably with some sort of chocolate. Yay!

We hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


What is Permaculture…What is Homesteading?


We felt it was time to give a little insight into our new journey. When we talk about it people automatically assume…”oh you’re starting a farm”. Well yes, and no. We want a way to be self sufficient and to do that in as natural of a way as possible.

I’ll start with homesteading. What is it?

Broadly defined it’s a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. The definition has changed a lot over the years but today it’s commonly referred to as modern homesteading. Homesteading is valued by those that strive for sustainability and self-sufficiency. This usually involves producing one’s own food whether it be entirely vegetable based or a combination of animal based as well, and producing one’s own  power and most of the family’s needs. It’s a life dedicated to living more simply and less consumer based. For us it will be growing our own organic produce, raising our own livestock and hand-making and creating as much of our supplies as we can.

So in a sense yes it’s like farming…but not like today’s twisted agricultural business. We will be free of grains, corn, pesticides, tilling and unnatural fertilizers etc. We will make and consume(mostly Chris) our own raw unpasteurized dairy ( to the horror of our government!) and we will have free range and pastured livestock that are not overloaded with antibiotics and staple feeds. It will be a way for us to not only supply our own needs but control what we are putting into our bodies as well.


Permaculture is along those lines. It is a sustainable integrated design that’s modeled on nature-Bill Mollison. Basically if you design your garden like a natural system it should be pretty self regulating and you shouldn’t have to spend much time tending to it. Think about it nobody  digs, plants, sows and weeds in a forest yet somehow everything naturally gets taken care of. Nature has already developed a solution to every problem one could encounter in a garden and nature is the ultimate recycler, nothing goes to waste. It can also be referred to as edible landscaping. You design your whole garden (or yard) to have elements that work together naturally and sustainably.

So combining these two for us was the idea of a perfect dream. We can live sustainably by designing something that will work with nature.

We will continue to post about permaculture and homesteading and the ideas we intend to put into action. We will also give explanation for how these ideas will function and their purpose.

There is so much to say about permaculture and homesteading I could write forever, but I’ll keep this short for now!

Bad Dinners, Tree Removal and New books…

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Have you ever tried a new recipe that was bad? I mean like REALLY BAD…so bad you spit out said recipe? Well…that’s what happened to us tonight. I decided to try a recipe from a Paleo website ( which shall remain nameless..we aren’t here to drag anyone’s name through the mud) and it sounded like it would be pretty decent. We were actually pretty excited. Boy…did it go horribly wrong. :/ I’m incredibly disappointed..not necessarily because the recipe sucked, they can’t all  be winners right? More so because I wasted not one, not two but SIX (yes 6!!) Tablespoons of grass-fed butter on that dish!!! OMG…was Chris’s reaction. I hate to waste perfectly good grass-fed butter on disgusting food. I’m done ranting now. Thanks for bearing with me through that.

On another note…why is it $350 to haul away fallen tree branches? They aren’t exceptionally large…and it’s not a whole trees worth. So why oh why do these tree companies want us to pay so much to take away our branches?! I talked to 2 different tree companies that were in the neighborhood today(Apparently the storm/tornado warning we had the other day gave a lot of people’s trees a hard time.) IF we had a truck we would do it ourselves but our wonderful Subaru Outback can’t hang. Okay now i’m really really done ranting. Phew.

On a happy note..I got 2 new books today!!! Yay. The past few days i’ve been really knee deep in permaculture and homesteading research. I’ve been really casual about my studying until I realized we will have to be picking out our new piece of land soon, and i’m not as prepared as I should be. There is so much that goes into all of it, and the first step is picking out the right land and getting together a Permaculture design.


Book 1! The reviews all said this was beginner friendly and easy to follow.


Book 2. This is designed for people who only have a few hours a week to dedicate to homesteading. That won’t be the case for me, it will be my full time job but I thought it would be a great place to start and get the jist of things quick.

I’ll write some reviews of these when i finish them. We are really optimistic after just flipping through them.

I have started organizing our notes into gardening, livestock, resources, projects etc. I also will start making tables to track our planting and harvesting schedules. I’m realizing being organized is going to be the key to keep all of the ideas on track.

One week to the day! This time next week we will be somewhere in South Dakota…Ahhh how exciting.

I don’t know that there are many if any readers of ours out there but if there are thanks for reading 🙂


Home Made Whipped Body Butter by Wellness Mama

Natural Home & Personal Care

For those of you that know us…we  are crunchy. If you aren’t familiar with the term crunchy..it basically means being concerned with the Earth and What is good for it and you. Homemade personal care  products, organic natural eating, cloth rags instead of paper etc..

We are still in the beginning stages but we are slowly getting there. The first thing on the list was to do away with toxic personal care products. Things that we use everyday like lotions, shampoos, bodywash and deodorant harbor loads of toxins that are harmful to your health. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and when you put these toxins directly on it, your skin readily absorbs them. A lot of these products contain carcinogens, hormone disruptors and just all around nasty stuff. So we decided to slowly get rid of these things from our daily routine.

Starting with lotion! Katie over at Wellness Mama  provides some amazing recipes for homemade natural products. Her Whipped Body Butter is a favorite in our home. A jar lasts about 3 months, a little goes A LONG way! So as the current supply was almost gone I got to work on another batch, taking pictures along the way!

First I gathered all of my ingredients and measured them out.


Then put them in a sterilized re-used coconut oil jar and melted them down


Wellness Mama’s recipe doesn’t call for Vitamin E Oil but I like to add it for the added benefits


Then I add in the essential oils…I use lavender which also has great benefits!


Then I put all of the ingredients in a bowl to set in the freezer to firm up a bit


Then I use a Hand Mixer to whip! It looks good enough to eat right?


Once i’m done I store it in the same coconut oil jar I melted it down in.

This is seriously the best stuff! All of the ingredients have amazing skin benefits and you can add any essential oils you like to suit your preferences. Plus no toxic chemicals in this product and you make it yourself which for us really adds to our homesteading ways 🙂

Counting Down with some fun storms…


It’s funny how close the big move is yet how far away it seems all at the same time! When we say it out loud..”we will be on the road next Thursday” it seems right around the corner but the days just feel like they are slowly dragging by.

Yesterday evening a decent storm ran through Carmel and our neighbors poor Maple tree had a hard time. By hard time I mean half of it collapsed…into our side and back yards.

Luckily there wasn’t any damage. Just a mess to clean up 🙂

Then today for a good portion of the afternoon we were bombarded by extremely loud and annoying Tornado Warning alerts on our phones. Yea it’s good to know but jeeze…can we turn those pesky things off? -note to self: CALL AT&T ASAP & get those darned things turned off-

We are excited to be moving to a place where tornadoes are not touching ground less than 10 miles away. 🙂 Now we just have to make it there without one coming through our neighborhood first!

Other than that Chris is working and I am “studying” Permaculture. So much to learn before we pick out land. I ordered 2 books on the subject. One a beginner’s guide to Permaculture which is supposed to be easy to follow and one on homesteading with Permaculture influences. Once read we’ll let you know if we found them useful. Also more posts on Permaculture and homesteading to come.

We also talked to our wonderful Real Estate Agent Martini ( real name Martina but we like Martini) today. She has been very helpful to us in pre-screening properties to see if they have some basic requirements on our end ( secondary water source, well, largely timbered etc) She goes out to the properties to send pictures and see if the land is what we are looking for and she lets us send her lists of endless properties and questions. We are very grateful that she has been so willing to help us the past 2-3 months.

That is all we have for you right now..we hope wherever you are you are getting to enjoy similar rain storms like we were lucky enough to get today!


Hey all!


We are 1 week and 4 days away from making our Journey from Indiana to Washington State. We can’t believe it’s happening so fast!


Now we are trying to work on getting rid of all of the materialistic junk we don’t need. It’s amazing how much stuff you don’t realize you have until you’re trying to pack up a whole house!


So as we count the days down..while Chris works during the day I am left to do research…lots of research. Currently I am watching a bunch of videos through a permaculture course website. So far i’ve learned we need to plant trees first. arghhh…:/ I need to take better notes. I know i’ll get more info than that..I just have to sit and focus.


So our first post ever we decided we would show you our current neighborhood, so you can get a feel of what we are leaving behind. Our current neighborhood is great…if upscale suburbia is what you’re going for. Honestly, you couldn’t ask for a better neighborhood..it’s quiet, it’s clean, it’s safe. Just not the type of life we are looking for.

There’s our current home, a pretty ranch with a huge yard

All in all it’s a nice typical home. Onto what we don’t like…what we see when we look outside:




We want to be somewhere more rural (we are introverts remember?) and have a home surrounded by woods, mountains and nature. Now that you have a taste for what we are leaving…you’ll be able to see what we are moving towards.

Thanks for listening to our ramblings!